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About Ambon, Maluku, &the Banda Sea

Ambon, Maluku, Banda Sea

The Maluku area includes the Spice Islands.  Most trips start in Ambon.  The bay has some of the best muck diving in Indonesia.  From Ambon, some trips head east and north up to Misol and Raja Ampat.  Nellie and I did that trip many years ago -- our first to Raja Ampat.

More recently, aboard the Pindito, I circumnavigated the Banda Sea leaving and returning from Ambon, heading south, then east through the Forgotten Islands and back north to Ambon.

The Banda Sea (part of the Pacific Ocean) is a deep body of water somewhat isolated by the large ring of islands surrounding it.  The water is very clear and usually warm.

My Pindito trip was highlighted by hammerheads, snakes, and create critters!