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The Folders (or Galleries) at the right are collections of pictures from various countries.  Click on these.  For large countries like Indonesia and the Philippines, you'll see sub folders organized by islands or dive areas.

Within some folders you may find an "About" Page -- e.g., under Indonesia/Alor there is a page, "About Alor."  These pages will have maps and other information about the area and our trip(s).

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My Favorites From All Trips:

This folder contains (relatively) small galleries organized by subject (sharks, rays, frogfish, etc.)  This is a good place for a non-diver to start browsing.  You can pick subjects you like, and I'm more likely to have annotated these pictures as they are my favorites!

Under Construction:

I appreciate suggestions and comments -- both on the site, and the photos!

The following are being addressed:

  *  Titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.  I will add metadata gradually, and probably to a limited subset of all pictures.

  *  Too many pictures!  For hardcore divers who want to see what we saw on 11, 14 or even 17 night trips, a hundred or more photos may not be too many.  For normal people, a smaller sampling is better.  This is partially addressed in the "Best of" folder.  I will add "Sampler" Galleries to some sections which are more approachable.

  *  I am still going thru 1000's of photos, adding to some collections, deleting duplicated subjects and, in the process, adding to the "Best of" galleries.

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